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 Top Loading Wood Boiler 


 Machine Top Loading Wood Burning Hydronic Boiler 


 Hyprotherm Top Loading Wood Boiler Furnace from $9264 




 Hyprotherm Top Loading Boiler: Model 534 5 feet long x 3 ft wide x 4 feet tall firebox; Firebox Thickness is ONE HALF INCH! 60 cubic foot wood capacity; will heat 10% more than the one 6 foot long one below (Model 450/633) because this has a one foot deeper firebox.


 Large Machine Loading - Top Loading Furnace! Log burner! 

 COMPARE HYPROTHERM Top Loader to a Tennessee Outdoor Furnace HOSS FURNACE Top Loader - Top Loading Boiler!

 Hyprotherm Top Loading Log Boiler FEATURES:

 Propane and Waste Oil Burner and Wood Top Loader

 Stump Burner 1350L

 Model 1350L (STUMP BURNER) in production before the siding is put on. This boiler is HUGE! BURN and DISPOSE of PALLETS 


 Note the 12" water jacket which give this HUGE 1527 Gallon water capacity. That side loading door gives you a dimension of size because it is 26 1/2" X 26 1/2".  BIGGEST TOP LOADER in the WORLD!

 Forced-Air Top Loader Boiler

 The lid open on the forced-air top loader kiln furnace. 

 These fans have optional external air-cooled motors on them so that they can stay cool and  are not effected by the high temperatures of a kiln dryer. 

 The air temperature is thermostatically controlled. You can easily set the output temperature yourself; easily exceeding the 160F inside wood temperature required by USDA. (Yellow switch shown is temporary test switch for lid)  

 NCB-400-TL Top Loader Wood Boiler from Nature's Comfort 

 NCB-400-TL Specifications

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Best outdoor wood boiler for outside in Canada

Simplicity is the key and every one of Our Boilers ARE SIMPLE and easy to work on!! No circuit boards, no computerized parts, no smart phone hookup; just simple off-the-shelf parts that you can purchase anywhere and you can maintain this furnace and repair it, if need be, yourself!

Hyprotherm Top Loader



This gives you a better idea of scale. Not as big as it looks above:

Look at Our Newly Designed Fireboxes
When we decided to reinvent the wheel we knew that we had to start at the beginning and to us that meant the firebox. That is why at the heart of every HyProTherm furnace is a firebox unlike any other in the industry. Based on the knowledge that fire naturally rises and as it does it creates currents of air, we designed our HyProTherm fireboxes to maximize this potential. By utilizing the upwards drafting, funnel shape of a tornado, we have created a furnace that will burn coal or wood with almost no assistance from a combustion blower. Not only that, but our design will burn green sawdust, shavings, pellets, corn, or virtually any biomass that you choose, and due to its shape it will burn more evenly, completely, and with less stirring of coals. It is also the only firebox that allows for the use of the entire firebox. Because there is no flue pipe in the way and by utilizing our top loading feed door our fireboxes hold more than a comparably sized horizontal firebox (as shown below).

OLD Traditional Design:

Standard Furnace (horizontal fire box)

radius* length


PS – 140 =   13.00 CF (useable) 16.15 CF (total, non useable)

Horizontal 36” OD @ 28” deep, 125 gallon cap

TW-1000 = 12.81 CF (useable) 15.31 CF (total, non useable)

Horizontal @ 27.5” deep


NEW Design:

         Standard HyProTherm (VERTICAL FIREBOX)



                       HT- 3500 = 12.48 CF (useable) 12.48 (total useable)

125 gallon water cap

Firebox and Grates

From: Charles C. Cottrell

VP, Technical Services

North American Insulation Manufacturers Association

To Hyprotherm Manufacturing: Points of interest 1-4

1. In reviewing your request on your Forced Air Models and your commercial Hydronic models.

We know you feel a need for a desired product.

There are a number of materials that would work for your commercial hydronic and forced air stove. The high temperature fiberglass you cite below is one; there are also fiberglass and rock wool (which has a higher melting temperature) and the ceramic fiber materials (very high temp).

2. In our opinion you will need.

For the project you’re looking at I think max operating temperature and corrosion resistance would be important as well as workability. Blanket materials are more flexible than boards and blocks.

3. There are products you should not use for a thermal cycling unit.

Do not use a standard fiberglass insulation meaning the standard fiberglass your using is just metal building insulation with an R factor on it tested at 75 degrees, exceeding that perimeter heat factor the R factor drops dramatically

4. Results to following proper recommendations.

Based on our knowledge and the understanding of your needs, by using our recommendations and HVAC normal codes per efficiency, you should get the results you desire.

Thank you for your eagerness to do all you can to manufacture the best product available.

North American Insulation Manufacturers Association

Charles C. Cottrell


Improved Style Insulation

HyProTherm Standard Insulation Package

Based on the NAIMA formula thickness / k value = R value

Three inches of Knauf ET Blanket = R 10.71

+     One quarter inch Solar Guard = R 11.6____

HyProTherm side wall standard insulation = R 22.31

note: operating parameters, temp -10 deg, 5 mph wind, 150 deg operating temp = -1.6 deg

8.4 deg differences (wow) see chart below


Two inches of Morgan Super Wool Blanket

HyProTherm top standard insulation

note: operating parameters, temp -10 deg, 5 mph wind, 700 deg interface temp = 22 deg cold face temp

Features and Benefits

Excellent Thermal Properties

  • Low thermal conductivity.

  • Increase system efficiency and decrease fuel usage.

Low-Cost Installation

  • Lightweight and easy to handle and fabricate.

  • Flexibility makes them ideal for flat or irregular surfaces.

  • Damage Resistant

  • More resistant to abuse than standard ET Blanket.

  • Tough and resilient.

  • Resist damage in shipment, and during and after installation.

Easy opening, Gas Spring Assisted Top Loading Fuel Feed Door


At HyProTherm we strive to bring new ideas and new technology to the furnace industry. This is why we are proud to introduce our new easy opening, gas spring assisted feed doors. Each Hyprotherm furnace has a set of custom designed STABILUS gas springs that assist the opening and closing of the fuel feed door. JWF Technologies a world leader in the design and manufacture of gas springs has worked closely with HyProTherm to make this happen. Utilizing its considerable resources, JWF Technologies has created for HyProTherm custom designed STABILUS gas springs for every model and every door size.

Model Name


Coal COMMERCIAL GRADE for Residential





     Regular  $6,900

Special Introductory Price: $6,495)

LESS $700.00 = $5795

Fire Box Cubic Feet



Fire Box Cubic Feet



Burn Area Sq’

31”x 28.25”

Fire Box Thickness


Grate System


Water Capacity Capacity

182 gal

Water Jacket Thickness (sides, top)


Water Jacket Thickness (bottom)




Heating Area Sq’


Fuel Door


24” x 24”

Ash Door



Removable Ash Pan





20 yr

Pump Included