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 Top Loading Wood Boiler 


 Machine Top Loading Wood Burning Hydronic Boiler 


 Hyprotherm Top Loading Wood Boiler Furnace from $9264 




 Hyprotherm Top Loading Boiler: Model 534 5 feet long x 3 ft wide x 4 feet tall firebox; Firebox Thickness is ONE HALF INCH! 60 cubic foot wood capacity; will heat 10% more than the one 6 foot long one below (Model 450/633) because this has a one foot deeper firebox.


 Large Machine Loading - Top Loading Furnace! Log burner! 

 COMPARE HYPROTHERM Top Loader to a Tennessee Outdoor Furnace HOSS FURNACE Top Loader - Top Loading Boiler!

 Hyprotherm Top Loading Log Boiler FEATURES:

 Propane and Waste Oil Burner and Wood Top Loader

 Stump Burner 1350L

 Model 1350L (STUMP BURNER) in production before the siding is put on. This boiler is HUGE! BURN and DISPOSE of PALLETS 


 Note the 12" water jacket which give this HUGE 1527 Gallon water capacity. That side loading door gives you a dimension of size because it is 26 1/2" X 26 1/2".  BIGGEST TOP LOADER in the WORLD!

 Forced-Air Top Loader Boiler

 The lid open on the forced-air top loader kiln furnace. 

 These fans have optional external air-cooled motors on them so that they can stay cool and  are not effected by the high temperatures of a kiln dryer. 

 The air temperature is thermostatically controlled. You can easily set the output temperature yourself; easily exceeding the 160F inside wood temperature required by USDA. (Yellow switch shown is temporary test switch for lid)  

 NCB-400-TL Top Loader Wood Boiler from Nature's Comfort 

 NCB-400-TL Specifications

 Outside Wood Boilers | TOP Machine Loading Wood Boiler | Coal Boilers |  Water-less Forced-Air Wood Furnaces |  Used outdoor wood boilers for sale


Best outdoor wood boiler for outside in Canada

Simplicity is the key and every one of Our Boilers ARE SIMPLE and easy to work on!! No circuit boards, no computerized parts, no smart phone hookup; just simple off-the-shelf parts that you can purchase anywhere and you can maintain this furnace and repair it, if need be, yourself!

Hyprotherm pictures outdoor wood furnaces

HyProTherm-FurnaceHyprotherm Woof Boiler Door


ALL furnaces now come with a Motion Detector Light that comes on when you come close to the furnace at night.

No switches to mess with! No forgetting to turn it off!

All boilers and forced-air water-less furnaces have a chimney cap too (or alternatively) a chimney adapter to add 6″ flue pipe.


Carl is heating a massive older colonial home and LOVES IT!
Another customer, who is VERY HAPPY; he has an old (drafty) 1935 home
with single pane windows and very little insulation and loads it twice a day unless it is VERY cold – uses some hedge

Hyprotherm Boiler in Snow

THIS is the way to keep your wood dry!

8 differnt colors and more!

CLICK on any photo for a larger image!

Building Quality Furnaces for 44 years
Note that this photo is from Jan 2001; over 16 years ago!

We have a special color combination
to match YOUR home or any surrounding buildings!

We now carry 9+ sizes of wood furnaces. Choose from 20 different COLORS with 8,000 different color combinations!
Check with your local code enforcement office!

HyProTherm Pro Series 85 ECONO  $3495; a basic furnace with a 1/4″ firebox, just like most everyone else (no ash tray, no hot water coil, no ash tray BUT it has an ash door and receptacle, HAS GRATES but not cast iron (3/4: THICK BAR STOCK), no chimney cap, no lights and no poker; Just a LOW, LOW UNBEATABLE PRICE of $3495; the LOWEST PRICE ANYWHERE!!

HyProTherm Pro Series 85  $5627
80,000 BTU and an 85 gallon water tank, with a pull-out ash tray.

HyProTherm Pro Series 100  $5377
100,000 BTU and a 100 gallon water tank, with a pull-out ash tray.

HyProTherm Pro Series 185  $5627
165,000 BTU and a 170 gallon water tank.  5,000 sq ft.*  

HyProTherm Pro Series 250  $6277   
240,000 BTU and a 230 gallon water tank.  6,800 sq ft.* A great deal because the firebox is 50% bigger!

HyProTherm Pro Series 290  $6627 
280,000 BTU and a 260 gallon water tank.  8,700  sq ft.*

HyProTherm Pro Series 340  $7277  
326,000 BTU and a 300 gallon water tank.  10,000 sq ft.*

We can also build one smaller for $200 less ($5177) with a 125 gallon water tank. 3,000 sq. ft. – mainly for folks south of TN with smaller homes.

ADD $175 for the 1/2″ thick firebox.


Solenoid Activated Damper with a bigger 75 cfm fan/blower – SAVES WOOD! Now INCLUDED
Digital thermostat Ranco installed (not wired) with Dry Well $125
Analog Thermometer $20
Delete the siding and insulation -$300
Delete the built-in hot water coil -$100
Chimney Cap – Now INCLUDED
5-year Rust Blocker – $325

We now carry just as many sizes of COAL burning furnaces. These models are specifically designed to burn coal. With the fan feeding oxygen in from the bottom, the coal burns easily. 
You can add an optional shaker grate to help get rid of the clinkers.
ADD $175 for the 1/2″ thick firebox.


75 CFM fan/blower $20 – Now INCLUDED
Solenoid Activated Damper with the bigger fan/blower – Now INCLUDED
Digital thermostat Ranco with Dry Well WAS $110 – Now INCLUDED 
(except on ECONO 85)
Thermometer $20 – Now INCLUDED
Chimney Cap – Now INCLUDED 
(except on ECONO 85)
2nd Hot Water Coil – $125 (for 2 H/W heaters or 2 homes/buildings)
5-year Rust Blocker – $325
Treat the metal, not the water, No water tests needed every year, no adding of chemicals!

Delete the siding and insulation LESS $300 (Keep bare and ugly or add your own wood or log siding – even brick or rock!)
Delete the built-in hot water coil LESS $100

Our older models, with the smaller doors, shown below,
so you can see the colors available and the different color combinations.

Outside wood boiler furnace

Our outdoor wood burning furnace in White with Ocean Blue

Our outdoor wood burning furnace in Hunter/Forest Green


Brick Red Outdoor Wood Furnace with black trim
(We have bright red (fire engine red) too)

Outdoor wood furnace boiler      

Bright White Outdoor Wood Furnace
with green roof and black cornersGet it any way you want; ANY color combination at NO EXTRA CHARGE!!

Tan with Brown Trim
The tan looks a little darker than this. See the color chart below.
Ivory is very similar but is almond

Grey with Black Trim


White Furnace with bright Red Roof and Trim

(Barn or Brick red also available – below)

Rear door of Barn or Brick Red Wood Burning Boiler

2 foot door seal
HUGE 24″ x 24″ (2 foot x 2 foot) door with replaceable rope door seal
AND STAY-COOL handles!
Optional 1/2″ thick firebox! The thickest in the world!
Our standard firebox is 3/8″.
3/8″ is 50% thicker than most of the competition
and we have NEVER had a firebox failure!

This chimney design, along with the damper forced-air induction fan,
blowing oxygen in from below the grates (just like a blacksmith’s forge)
is what help us achieve over 75% efficiency!

The grate in wood models, including the Thermowind Water-Less models
is made out of super-thick 3/4 inch bar stock  or CAST IRON in coal models;

(Just a snippet shown here)
Shaker type is standard optional while flat cast-iron COAL grates are standard
on all front loader (except the 85 Econo)!
We have NEVER had either one burn through!

The air blows in from the back of the furnace!
There is a blower in back that feeds air into the firebox, below the grate, to feed oxygen to the fire.
Feeding the fire from the bottom (fires burn from the bottom up) is the best way to get complete combustion from the wood
– like a blacksmith’s forge! 
This is infinitely better than a fan on the front door blowing air into the side of the fire – or a manual draft.
The fan is thermostatically controlled to keep the water at a set temperature and is adjustable.

Old (Original) Legacy style
Old (Original) Legacy style
The new firebox is 25% bigger and has a 3/8″ water jacket bottom,
when you get the standard 3/8″ thick firebox
and HALF INCH THICK, then you get the 1/2″ thick water jacket bottom

This is about a 23 year old furnace (when I first put up this website).
The original house, sitting right beside the furnace burned down but the furnace (not responsible) was still operational.
They kept it right where it was for the next house and it’s still being used today!

EXAMPLES of different Color Combinations
on our original boilers that we built for 45 years:

Ocean Blue with black

Green trim

Brick red with black

Bright White with black

Green with black

Tan with brown

Tan with black

Bright white with bright red

Green with black

Light gray with black trim

Ivory with burgundy

Ivory with ocean blue

21 Great colors for YOUR siding!

A total of over 8000 color combinations – sides, corners and roof – AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Galvalume lasts 6 times longer than Galvanized metal! 

Also introducing Camouflage!


Get the Finest Furnace Made!

Get a HyProTherm!