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 Top Loading Wood Boiler 


 Machine Top Loading Wood Burning Hydronic Boiler 


 Hyprotherm Top Loading Wood Boiler Furnace from $9264 




 Hyprotherm Top Loading Boiler: Model 534 5 feet long x 3 ft wide x 4 feet tall firebox; Firebox Thickness is ONE HALF INCH! 60 cubic foot wood capacity; will heat 10% more than the one 6 foot long one below (Model 450/633) because this has a one foot deeper firebox.


 Large Machine Loading - Top Loading Furnace! Log burner! 

 COMPARE HYPROTHERM Top Loader to a Tennessee Outdoor Furnace HOSS FURNACE Top Loader - Top Loading Boiler!

 Hyprotherm Top Loading Log Boiler FEATURES:

 Propane and Waste Oil Burner and Wood Top Loader

 Stump Burner 1350L

 Model 1350L (STUMP BURNER) in production before the siding is put on. This boiler is HUGE! BURN and DISPOSE of PALLETS 


 Note the 12" water jacket which give this HUGE 1527 Gallon water capacity. That side loading door gives you a dimension of size because it is 26 1/2" X 26 1/2".  BIGGEST TOP LOADER in the WORLD!

 Forced-Air Top Loader Boiler

 The lid open on the forced-air top loader kiln furnace. 

 These fans have optional external air-cooled motors on them so that they can stay cool and  are not effected by the high temperatures of a kiln dryer. 

 The air temperature is thermostatically controlled. You can easily set the output temperature yourself; easily exceeding the 160F inside wood temperature required by USDA. (Yellow switch shown is temporary test switch for lid)  

 NCB-400-TL Top Loader Wood Boiler from Nature's Comfort 

 NCB-400-TL Specifications

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Best outdoor wood boiler for outside in Canada

Simplicity is the key and every one of Our Boilers ARE SIMPLE and easy to work on!! No circuit boards, no computerized parts, no smart phone hookup; just simple off-the-shelf parts that you can purchase anywhere and you can maintain this furnace and repair it, if need be, yourself!

firebox thickness

Firebox Thickness
Wood Furnace Firebox Thickness

Many people (such as Wood Master) brag about their Firebox Thickness being 1/4″. “One of the reasons we are the best outdoor wood furnace on the market today!
Yea, right…What is special about that?

Central Boiler Firebox Thickness

People comparing boilers often ask WHAT is a Central Boiler firebox thickness?

I have to tell them that the Central Boiler’s boiler is ONLY 1/4″ thick! Just like 85% of the boilers made in the U.S. and Canada!
A search for Central Boiler firebox thickness brings up 7 common searches about Central Boiler problems, repairs and leaks etc.
Central Boiler firebox thickness
Wouldn’t you like a water jacket bottom AND a firebox that is always 50% thicker?

Our wood boiler firebox is 3/8 inch thick at a MINIMUM!

Our optional firebox is HALF INCH THICK!! 100% THICKER than the majority of wood furnaces and boilers out there!

Our water jacket bottom is 1/2 inch thick, when you order the HALF INCH THICK FIREBOX for just $295!
Do you want this firebox thickness?  This thin I ? or this thick? |

ALL top loaders have a 1/2″ thick firebox standard!